3 thoughts on “Protect and serve?

  1. Tazing may be a bit much, but a garden hose isn't going to slow a house fire one bit and dos put the homeowner in danger.

  2. Unless his actions put others in danger, what does it matter? His actions were to prevent the adjacent house fire from igniting his home. Slowing it may well have prevented HIS home from burning while they waited for the FD.

    Why taze a guy choosing to endanger only himself in order to protect HIS property?

    Where does their writ encompass forcibly removing an adult person from (willing) danger on their own property? That is a slippery slope right there

  3. Only if there is no requirement for the fire department to attempt a rescue.

    As soon as he places himself in danger, he creates a mandate upon the rescuers who will respond.

    If we as a society want to go that route, I am fine with it, but it is then only fair that the rescuers be held blameless when the don't attempt to make a rescue.

    There is a rule like that for hurricanes: When an evacuation order is issued, anyone who remains in the area is on their own.

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