Congratulations, Barry

While I am shocked (but not surprised) that the American citizens chose to vote for 4 more years, I sincerely hope that they can deal with the consequences.

Sadly, you won well beyond the margin of cheat. Which means that enough of the people actually voted for you. Which surprised me.

Now please, take this next 4 years and go out and be a leader, not a Carter.

A note to the Republican party: Thanks. Thanks for giving the people a choice between DNC and DNC (less).  You apparently can’t learn. While you did pick a better candidate than McCain this time, (although by not much) you still lost, wasting a lot of peoples money and time for no real gain.

Perhaps if you found and actually SUPPORTED a conservative candidate, thereby giving folks a choice, you’d have a chance at winning.

’cause what you are doing isn’t working, is it?