Another Question:

Why is it that, when I, as a white male, choose to vote for the male, white candidate whose philosophy is closer to mine and whom I believe will do a less bad  better job than the guy who is a different color than me, but whose philosophy is the antithesis of what I believe, am a racist, and that motivation is wrong….

Yet when they interview African-Americans, who overwhelmingly vote for the guy who looks like them, that is not racist, and is ok?

I mean, I have many reasons to vote against the statist, socialist, beta male weasel who wants to damage our economy further, who believes that my success is merely a cow to be milked, who thinks that “you didn’t build that”, who believes that those of us who make smarter decisions than some of our fellow citizens should pay for the plight of the rest, mostly which is of their own making. The color of his skin has nothing to do with my decision.  I am offended that anyone assumes that I would even consider that as a factor.

Yet I am further offended that it is understood and deemed ok for others to choose based on “his skin looks like me an my family”. I am offended by the fact that it is assumed that people of color will make the racist choice, and that one cannot expect any smarter behavior from them.

Yet, sadly, events seem to bear that out.

But why are their choices not racist, yet the choices of me and my brethren are? I do not think that I carry any significant prejudice, if any. I am sure that it is significantly less than that which I observe from others, be they black, white, latino or asian.  I care little what you look like, but rather believe in who you are and how you think and what you believe and how your morals mesh with mine and if your worldview matches in any way that of my own. If yer a lowlife, you’ll be treated as one. If not, you’ll get treated as a citizen. I choose to judge people by the “content of their character”, rather than “the color of their skin”.

Not so with many others whose melanin content is somewhat greater than my own. I abhor those who have a skin color like mine who judge others based on skin, and distance myself from them, There are too many whites who cannot get over skin color, and there are too many blacks who do the same. The ratio of racist Caucasians who vote based on skin color is much lower than the ratio of Negroes who vote based on the same criteria.  Yet the racist whites are derided and decried, but not so the racist blacks.

I find the fact that the bar is lower for people of black descent than that of whites. Strangely, I hold each group to the same standard, and believe that I am no more and no less intelligent than they. Obviously, some in the media and in the Democratic party feel differently.

I find that sad. Sad that racism still exists and that it is excused at any time. Sad that people of color cannot hold themselves to the same standard that they expect and wish for from whites.

2 thoughts on “Another Question:

  1. I have been preaching this for the last 3 years. It is the feminist. Our women have turned on us with their gini-tingle Avatar fantasy and they know that by taking the stance that our racial pride is wrong while their black and brown allies' isn't they can beat us.

    We need to IGNORE them. Say enough is enough like real men would have done to such manipulation 100 years ago and do it ourselves and ignore their whining and complaining.

    They vote with their emotions and hormones and they have by and large become nothing but HARLOTS. We cannot appease them enough. They have abortions but now want 100% public funded abortions. They actually make more than men on average and work less hours but they want more.

    The only way to stop it is for us men to stop it. Men need to wake the hell up.

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