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So a man walks into a bank.

May I help you? says the teller

“You bet yer sweet ass you can”, the man replies.” I wanna open an account in this fucking bank, sweetie”.

“I don’t have to deal with language like that, sir”, she says.

“Well, then, sweet cheeks, go get your manager!” he replies.

She leaves her station, gets the manager, explains the issue, and he comes over.

“How can I help you sir?” He asks, somewhat stiffly.

“Look, I just won 98 million bucks in the lottery, and I need to open a fucking bank account”, says the man.

“Oh, and was this stupid bitch not helping you?” says the manager….

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  1. We have some of the fattest ass, best dressed, warm and dry poor people in the world. The hardest part of leaving poverty is putting down the 24/7 comfort and working a little.

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