Today, you actually get more….

You get disc brakes, more horsepower, better suspension, better handling, incredible reliability (compared to a Model T), tires that last a lot longer, more comfortable seats, incredibly greater crash survivability, headlights that actually are bright enough to work, a radio/music player, heat, air conditioning, tailights, smoother running engine, windows that work, etc.

All for the same price today as in 1920.

The price hasn’t gone up for a car, but the value of the dollar you use to buy it has gone down

Interesting, innit?

2 thoughts on “Today, you actually get more….

  1. I was visiting a vet a few months back and he brought out a scrapbook. In it was a menu from the late 1950's from a restaurant outside his base. If you took the face value of the price in silver and converted it to spot, a steak dinner was $1.25 which would have been about $25 now. The rest of the menu factored out pretty close too.

  2. Yep, and it's only getting worse the more they print… Let's just hope we don't go down the Argentina rat hole…

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