I donated

Please think about donating if you haven’t already. KTKC is a great organization.

I spent a LOT of time trying to decide which blogger to donate through….On the one hand there was Ambulance Driver, who got things going, IIRC, but then there was Jay G, who has great prizes…But then again, I have been reading Stingray’s words of wisdom for a while…And who I might like to hear having his junk waxed just for amusement purposes….and then Evyl Robot, who makes great holsters….(and whose wife likely looks good in a catsuit….(but I digress)), and, of course, OldNFO, who is a hell of a nice guy…..

Ultimately, I had to find some way to decide, so I tossed a die to choose, and JayG won. (I hadda go dig out my D&D stuff to find a 5 sided die….)

Again, if you haven’t donated, think about it.

These guys are doing a great service to foster donations from the rest of us, and they are supporting a good cause. If I had more money, I’d donate in each of their names. In case no one says it …THanks guys for your efforts.

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