It occurs to me, what with the plethora of foiled terror plots that were really one FBI informant encouraging another FBI informant to do something nasty….and one government LEO agency encouraging another federal agency’s undercover agent to enter into a conspiracy…See also Huttaree militia in MI and others in the west….

Was this another conspiracy, much like Fast and Furious, that just got out of hand?

Was this guy in Aurora CO encouraged by some three letter federal Law Enforcement Agency and then perhaps not stopped in time or abandoned without any followup?

Stranger things have happened, and the veracity and competence of our current federal LEOs is becoming ….laughably obvious.

Alternatively, if you have your tinfoil hat on shiny side out, is it possible that someone encouraged him to do what he did just so that they could push for more gun control?

Sadly, and disturbingly, I cannot discount any of the above with the people in charge right now. I’d like to believe that out sworn officers would not participate in such a thing… and allow people to get killed just to influence public opinion…..but recent history (Fast and Furious and others) has shown that it is not outside the realm of possibility. As is the coverup once things go southward. We might never know….

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  1. Im more amused with the timing. A lot more gunwalker guns showed up in april that were just reported on the week of the shootings.

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