6000 rounds….Seriously?

So what? I reload about one and a half times that many .223/.308/.45ACP /9mm/38special/.357 (and, for Midwest Chick, twice that in .380) yearly. I purchase nearly half that many every year to replace the brass I wear out. 


Not counting low volume calibers like 45-70 or 7.5 Swiss or others like that. Plus we purchase .22 by the brick. Most of it goes into a backstop after punching a hole in some paper.

I just took delivery of 5000 .45ACP 230g jacketed round nose bullets. Waiting on my gun club to get some more primers in so I can reload them into cases I already have prepped.

So what? The shooter in Aurora didn’t use all 6000 rounds he had anyway. But the press and the anti-gun folks (but I repeat myself) are decrying the fact that he purchased that many rounds online. Big deal over nothing, really. But it is a way to make their argument against ammunition sales. 

How many rounds did he get off? 50?

My rifles and pistols haven’t killed anyone. Those rounds haven’t magically moved from the ammo cans to the magazines, nor into the chambers of the firearms.

These “rounds” purchased online didn’t do that in Aurora Colorado either. They were, actually, pretty inert.

The guns didn’t magically point themselves at people and fire either.They didn’t hurt anyone….

Until they were used by the perpetrator to punch holes in people rather than into paper.

This dude would have/could have used bombs if he hadn’t had access to firearms. Off the top of my head I can think of at least 6 types of things I can make from items at a Wall Mart, Target. Lowes or Home Depot. And I could purchase items usable as shrapnel there as well, And containers for the devices. But I won’t. I don’t wish to hurt anyone.If I knew someone was buying those items for that reason, I’d do something to stop them.

Yet I hear no outcry to ban those items (you’ll have to guess, I ain’t putting any recipes out on the internet).  There are How Many? chemists and chemical engineers in this country? Most could do a better job than me at finding good recipes for such things. But they don’t either.

And I have no plans to do anyone any harm…nor do those other folks who know how to but choose not to.

Take a pickup truck, load bricks or stone or concrete into it drive into a crowd and you can hurt many people too. The heavier it is the more damage you can do. So what? I see no waiting periods for, or limitations on who can buy, heavy automobiles. Nor on horsepower.  No calls for bans on big trucks nor weight limitations.

The thing is, if someone wants to hurt people, they can. And no laws will prevent it.


Deal with it. Avoid places which make you a victim/target. Keep your guard up. Have a plan to bail out if needed. Leave early if things look wrong. Avoid the rush. There are Bad People out there. Expect it.

Hope you are elsewhere when/if.

But be ready “when”.

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