Yeah, we built that

My parents built their business. Were very successful too.
Taught my brother and I how to build our own. Helped us get started as well..

My brother has taken their business and expanded it. Created jobs, generated income. Sales taxes. Property taxes.  He’s done a good job too, with the foundation that was laid. He’s grown the business even in bad economic times. He’s made it work through hard work and smarts.

Where my business is was once a farm field. Generated less than $150 per acre in property taxes. Zero jobs. Zero sales tax. Now it has a payroll of 16 people, part time….. $150K payroll. Not the best paying jobs, but jobs that didn’t exist before. $11K in property taxes (6 acres). Sales tax revenue around $50K. Another part that I developed has become a restaurant. Pays about $4k in property taxes on 2 acres. The owner of that restaurant generates about $80K in payroll. Jobs that didn’t exist 3 years ago. Sales taxes too. Those didn’t exist 3 years ago either….We have paid for the roads we use. More so than most folks. We use little or no police…We haven’t needed the fire department (thank God) so far. All of us have worked our asses off to make the businesses what they are.

Who took out the loans and the risk to build those businesses? Not you, Mr. Obama.  Who took the risk to make it happen?

Yeah, tell me all about it, Mr. President. We work HARD for our businesses. Long hours, sometimes too long. Makes it hard to have a relationship sometimes. You do what you have to do when it needs to be done. I didn’t ever see the government do much except get in the way for any of my family.  Regulations, inspections, permits, more regulations, additional costs. More and higher taxes. The burden grows, but the benefits decline. You wouldn’t know about that,’cause you’ve never worked, never generated income, never met a payroll, never created a job from nothing that wasn’t paid for with other peoples money….

Until you have actually worked, you slimy little pissant, actually worked and made a business, then you have no say, you aren’t allowed to have an opinion.

Your very words show that you are clueless.

And it pisses us off.

Go fuck yerself.

3 thoughts on “Yeah, we built that

  1. I've built two businesses.

    I'm sure I didn't do it without the help of the government. I used the roads that the government built. So I owe the government for their help. I've paid them. I keep paying them. I'll be forced to pay more.

    People that don't bother getting jobs but are just getting free money to live on also use the roads. They also owe the government. Do they pay?

    If I were to actually pay my "fair share" it would mean me paying less in taxes.

  2. What a great job the Government must have to be able to afford to do all those things for us that make our businesses a success!!

    What a load of crap. No road exists without OUR money. No teacher teaches without OUR money. Nothing happens AT ALL without US doing it.

    I won't ever run a business, because I can't stand the thought of people working for me, it drives me nuts. But I have been in good and bad businesses, and ALL of them were run DESPITE the government, not BECAUSE of it.

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