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Since we all complain about BAD customer service, I thought I’d give Kudos where they are due regarding GOOD customer service. .

As I have posted before, I am a fan of the Laserlyte pistol caliber cartridge training devices.

I was pleased to see that they had the .380 sized device finally available, as I have several small pistols  in that caliber. (I already have the .45ACP and the 9MM sizes for my other pistols).

Training with these is a joy. Once the initial investment is made, the cost is only for the batteries (Not an insignificant cost, I admit, but better than the cost of ammo). Even reloading, the increased cost of powder, primers (even purchased through my gun club, which is wholesale +10%) and the bullets, has somewhat curtailed my shooting at the range. Add in the increased demands on my time, and even a range which is only 10 minutes away becomes a burden to go to, especially when the heat is high.

Enter the Laserlyte training cartridge: always handy,  right there when you want to practice. I shoot at the end of the hallway to the other end. (15 feet). I practice my draw and shoot, my trigger squeeze, and my instinctive aiming as well as standard target style shooting. I find that without continued practice, my instinctive aimed shots tend to be low. With practice, I tend to keep them where they need to be. It’s all in the trigger, especially with double action only autos. It is not a replacement for range time, but it does help keep those perishable skills from fading as quickly. I like the cartridge specific units as when they are in the chamber, it is impossible to chamber a live round. (You do have to use a pencil or other rod to push the laser out of the chamber when you are through). I do wish that there was some sort of flag or other indicator when the device is in the chamber to reassure me that I don’t have a live round…..I tend to check, double check and then check again. A flag or other indicator would be nice….But I digredss from the point of this story:

When Amazon had the .380 trainer on sale, I purchased one to go along with my other calibers.
With Prime, I had my new toy in 2 days. It arrived Monday.

Sadly, it wouldn’t chamber.  In any of the 4 pistols I tried it in. I even disassembled the Micro-Max and tried placing it in the end of the barrel, with no slide or other obstructions (the laser trainer is a bit longer than a standard cartridge)…no go. wouldn’t even push into the chamber/barrel with two thumbs. .

I called Laserlyte. The first person I talked to suggested that my  pistols were somehow defective. When I pointed out that all 4 would have to be defective, she turned me over to a supervisor. This lady apologized, said that they had had some issues with the .380 size, and offered to send me a new one. I accepted with the promise to return the defective item.

Today, (Wednesday) I received my new laser trainer. With a prepaid envelope to send the old one back. They took me at my word that I would do so….AND THEY HAD NO PROOF THAT I HAD EVER PURCHASED ONE FROM AMAZON. I called with an issue, and they made it right, no questions asked. No proof of purchase, nothing.

I am, actually, impressed.

I like their products, and I have to say that their customer service (even if for a known issue) was very good.

I am a fan of their products (if you don’t have one, think about getting one in the caliber of your carry piece….practice practice practice!). Now I am a fan of their customer service. 

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  1. Indeed- everyone bitches about bad service, i make a specific point about pointing out good service. Nice to see when people actually do that properly.

  2. They are EXCELLENT training devices, I have the .45/9mm and just ordered the .380. I use mine at least once a week for training.

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