They didn’t help build that

So I work Friday 7 am to about 6 pm at my business. Pretty much a normal day.

I left and went home to cook dinner and then relax before bed. Went to bed about 11:15. (yeah, wild man on a Friday night and all that).

I was on-call until 8 AM Saturday (it is a 24/7/365 business). I get the call at 11:54 AM. Midnight person not gonna make it. Big issues, but the bottom line is that the owner/manager/etc has to go in. That would be me….


Get up, shake head, splash water on face, get dressed. enter car and begin the drive in. Call the 4-12 person, explain what is happening, on my way, and all that. Ask her to look up Whitehouse switchboard, ’cause I figure that Mr. Obama and his government who “helped me” build my business and who is taking credit for that should take the midnight with no sleep.

Tel for the switchboard is: 202-456-1414. Asked for Barry. Figured he could give me someone from the oh so helpful government to run the night shift….Maybe he could. Barry wasn’t available.

Note: they have absolutely zero sense of humor at 1:07 AM DC time. I left a message, but Barry hasn’t called me back.

So: 24 hours with 1 hour of sleep. It ain’t as easy as it was when I was 18, I gotta tell ya.

But Barry and his gang slept, I am sure. And they didn’t help either. Seems that if they are gonna take the credit, then they should take some of the load.  Only fair.

2 thoughts on “They didn’t help build that

  1. If they do call back, tell them you are into alternative energy. Maybe the big O will give you millions of taxpayer dollars to invest in your company.You can declare bankrupcy and be on easy street. Obama hasn't worked a day in his life. How someone so inept and unqualified ever rose to his position still boggles my mind.

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