The timing is….INteresting

The Aurora Colorado movie theater tragedy incident happens just before the real debate over the UN arms treaty.

How convenient.

Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. You should decide for yourself. I am unsure.

I’m not trying to make light of this….It was, for everyone involved, a tragedy. But there are those who might think it is, and have a reasonable argument that it could be, a setup, a manchurian candidate type scenario. Sadly, I cannot dismiss this as fantasy.

These incidents do happen. And they may well be random (thankfully, the sample size is low), but there is, like with the whole Fast and Furious debacle, some interesting correlations with the wants and desires of the liberal and Statist party and the people who could make this happen to further their own agenda. 

The sad fact is that  it is not outside the realm of possibility that there are people in our government (in both parties) who would not have issues with killing 20+ people to influence public opinion.

Power corrupts. Absolute power….

I find it sad that I think that about those we choose to run our country. And frightening that I can believe that it is possible.  Even sadder that we elect people who I could suspect would make such decisions.

2 thoughts on “The timing is….INteresting

  1. Mr.B, what is TRULY sad is that this is even 'wildly' a possibility… And you're right, under this administration it could be conceivable… I truly pray is not true!

  2. Well, Obama did say that Americans do not earn their own success through intelligence and hard work, but only because the government did the heavy lifting.
    What's good for the goose …

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