interesting article:

“and its funny how when you go eat with cops, soldiers or other like-minded people they all want to sit in the same place.”

Some stuff you might like to read on how to minimize your risks..

Most of this I already knew, and I practice a significant part of it every day whenever I leave the house. .

You can’t be in condition red all of the time, but you can pay attention and plan for such things, which will give you a better chance than most folks.

Read, learn, and think.

3 thoughts on “interesting article:

  1. One of the things you will determine when you dine in public with those types of folks is who you can trust to watch your back – and who will trust YOU to watch theirs. Not a bad place to be…………..

  2. LOL, yeah it is ALWAYS a fight to see who gets to sit watching the door… We've even moved the table so at least two folks had eyes on the door. 🙂

  3. When we met in Indy, I noticed that we all moved to the chairs facing the door….You, me, Tam, Don, etc.

    And that was likely the safest room in the city that day…..

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