But it is OUR votes

Kirsten Powers today, on Fox News, said the “this (Aurora Colorado shooting) is the fault of the NRA. ” and “The NRA OWNS the Republican party and cows Most of the Democrats”

Really, Ms Powers? The NRA never elected anyone. It was the citizens of the United States who elected our politicians, be it Presidents (via the electoral college) the senators and representatives, and the local state level congressmen. The NRA is not allowed to cast a vote, only the members of that organization who are citizens.

If the members of the NRA look to that organization for information on those politicians before making their vote then that is too bad for folks like you. Few of the membership of the NRA vote in lockstep with any organization, but rather decide for themselves. Unlike SEIU members and others of their ilk, most of whom vote for whomever they are told to, most of the rest of us make up our own minds. If the protection of second Amendment rights are important to us and we choose accordingly, then that is our right.

If the senators, congressmen and other politicians fear the wrath of those voters who are second Amendment supporters, then that is a Good Thing from my perspective. It may be that there are enough other votes to counteract those citizens who express their opinion on the second via the ballot box . But obviously there are enough of us who vote that the politicians take note. The fact that the NRA is the single largest member organization regarding Second Amendment rights does mot make it powerful. It is, rather the members who do so.

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  1. Well said! and all she is, is a talking head for the Dimocrats daily talking points…

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