On advice, called and spoke with the duty Sargent.

The officer in question “bumped into me”.

That is the Official Story. It must be true, ’cause he said it. I see it differently though.

Could be true. I doubt it. No one got hurt, and I didn’t have to go farther. I think I’ll let it drop. Not much I can do without witnesses or clear video, and, AFAIK, neither exists. The worst thing I got out of it was a bruise, and a bit of a fright, but no other damage. No one was seriously hurt, and that is what matters,

Fight the battles you can win, and all that

I see it as a lesson for me. Nothing more.

Hope the rest of you learn from my mistakes though. I did. 

Thanks for all the advice.

5 thoughts on “Update

  1. I for one always accidentally bumped into people I know are armed. It's cheaper than blow. But seriously, Sarge is trying to save this guy's ass, and you don't really want 20 traffic tickets over the next 24 months. He knows he screwed the pooch everytime he moves his arm. And there is nothing more satisfactory than a "teachable moment." PS nice move. I might have gone for my piece, and VWorld would now be a World of Hurt, regardless of outcome.

  2. That's the way I see it.

    There is no good outcome from pushing this. Yeah, I'll win. But the consequences will be less than optimal.

    SO I'm gonna let it go.

  3. You are darned lucky. Speculation around the water trough was that he was at the magistrate's getting a warrant against you for assault.

    Could it be his sergeant also talked him out of that?

    stay safe.

  4. How can there be assault?

    Plainclothes man comes up and puts his hand on my firearm.

    I resist UNTIL I know he is a cop.

    Then things change.

    Unless he lies, there is no assault. I defended against a perceived threat. Period.

    And I doubt that it'd go that far. I have other police officers (even a small town Chief) who would be character witnesses for me. I am, for the most part, and Ideal Citizen.

  5. "Unless he lies"? He's a cop, of course, he'd lie. they're allowed to. Hell, they're *supposed to*.

    You behaved appropriately, of course. He didn't. If he'd had a partner with him, you'd be room temperature right now. However, he was on his own, and he took a well-deserved ass-kicking (well, arm-twisting), and that probably embarrassed him so much that he didn't want to admit it in front of his colleagues.

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