Bad manners

Or total brain dead stupidity. 

So I get out of the truck, tuck my shirt (which had ridden up) over the Para, and walk across the parking lot to go into the restaurant.

It is 5:10 pm. There is another guy in the parking lot heading into the restaurant. He’s behind me.

Dude is really crowding me, way into my personal space as we approach the door.

As I reach for the door, he puts his hand on my firearm through the shirt! Seriously.

I arm sweep his hand aside, lock his wrist and elbow and began to break his fingers or bring him to his knees (I really didn’t care which), and he cries “I’ma Cop!” Looking at him, he had a haircut like a cop and didn’t look scruffy or anything….so:

“Step back!” I said as I pushed him away and lifted my shirt to get my hand on my firearm.. “Hands where I can see ’em.”. “Don’t move!”.

He freezes, and says. “I am a police officer. Let me show you my ID”.

I allow him to retrieve his ID.

He is, indeed a police officer. I asked him why he assaulted me…

He saw my pistol as I tucked my shirt back over it when exiting the truck, and followed me to “check me out”.

I suggested that he not do that in the future, As I considered it assault. Better not to do that, for his own safety. Say something rather than place his hand on it. Anything but that. Maybe politely announce himself from a distance…

He said that I had broken the law, by exposing my firearm.

Not in Indiana, dude. Try again. Open carry, while not common, is legal if you have a carry permit. I do. He thought I was wrong. And I only momentarily exposed the thing. He insisted I was wrong…

I suggested that we get the State boys out to decide, as he was County, and I didn’t want any conflict of interest or anything… Can call from my cell, have their number right here in my address book on the phone…WhaddYaSay? .?

He declined. “wasn’t going to make a big deal about it”

I offered my ID and little pink card.

He declined that too.

Not sure what to do and what the law is, he just wanted to leave and massage his arm.

We parted, but not friends. His arm is gonna be sore this evening. Mine is already. I have a real nice set of bruises from the arm sweep.  I thought about pushing it, and calling another jusrisdiction and making a big deal about it, but decided that it wasn’t worth it to go all wookie or anything. Besides, I just wanted food and a drink.

I may call a supervisor tomorrow.

Badge number 942.

But I must say, it was a bit exciting. At least for me.

It did leave me with a bit of a rush. Actually, I was scared. Kinda had the shakes when it was all over.

I learned a lesson:

I never should have let him crowd me that way. I was way too relaxed. Yeah, the shirt was over it, but still, he got his hand on it. And he never should have. Couldn’t have drawn it through the shirt without a struggle, but still. I let him get way too close. Way Too Close. Glad he wasn’t a compatriot of SumDood.

And I need to pay attention BEFORE getting out of the truck, just to keep this from happening. I’ve had questions asked by cops before, but never had anyone actually put his hand on my carry gun before, not in 15 years of carrying. And not by someone who was not in uniform.

I did not consider him enough of a threat as he approached. And I should have. Once he got into my personal space, I should have stepped aside and let him precede me through the door.  Or turned to face him, at least. Something besides what I did. I was aware of his approach, but didn’t react as I should have.

I may not have been in condition white, but I wasn’t in yellow either. Gotta work on that.

This should never have happened….and wouldn’t have, if I’d have been more careful and more vigilant.

Gonna do my best to see that it doesn’t happen ever again.

12 thoughts on “Bad manners

  1. I'd seriously consider reporting him for harassment, at the least.

  2. Let us know how it turns out.

    Is there a chance this is on video? I'd consider pushing the issue HARD if there is video.

  3. Interesting "training exercise". Full time condition yellow sounds easier than it is, but glad you're going to work on it.

    That said, after he touched your weapon you did everything perfectly – the sweep, the take down, a reasonable command in a voice he responded to, you created space, kept your weapon in hand without removing it from the holster – I'd say you cleared the "threat" as quickly and efficiently as anyone could expect.

    My suggestion – type up a COMPLETE review, send a copy to your lawyer and a copy to his supervisor so there are NO misunderstandings on what you experienced.

    Will be interested if there will be more to this story – otherwise, good job sir!!


  4. That is unfortunate. I hope you have the opportunity to educate this officer very soon.

    This is one of the advantages to being a big fat bastard. it is almost impossible to tell when I'm carrying and when I'm not, and while I can't conceal an M1 carbine anymore, a 380 is no issue at all.

    I don't know if I'd be as calm as you someone went for my gun.

  5. Nice at taking the momentum after he struck.

    Not sure what he thought he was going to do. If he had doubts about you he should have ID'd himself and then proceeded. Sounds awfully fishy on his part.

  6. I have been a loyal reader for sometime now, this is going to be my first comment. I thought it was eventually time. Thanks

  7. I would definitely contact a supervisor, ASAP. Get your report in before he decides to charge you with assault on an officer (if for no other reason so that he can claim worker's comp when he goes to get his arm checked out, if you managed to twist something).

    Also, you should do it because he really needs to get his backside chewed – he laid hands on you without identifying himself as a cop first?

    And if the restaurant has a security camera covering that entrance you should try to get a copy of the video for the relevant time frame. If the cop does decide to charge you, it's your word against his without it.

    You were assaulted by a cop in a situation that leaves him with a lot of power over you unless you act quickly. If he decides to be pissed about it, or realizes he needs to go to the doctor over it, you could suddenly find yourself charged with a felony.

  8. I wouldn't beat yourself up about it, dude. You retained the firearm properly and all's well as ends well, right? And good on you for keeping your cool!

    INGO is full of people talking about how they never let people into their personal space or they always keep six feet away from people and I just don't have the heart to ask them how they do that in checkout lines. 😉

  9. This is like being the first one to call 911.
    As for how he "wasn't going to make a big deal about it", an unprovoked assault in a restaurant IS making a big deal out of it.
    Had you actually been a bad guy, things would not have worked out for the cowboy who would not have caught the incipient robber by surprise as he did you.

  10. I would suggest your actions resulted in the best possible outcome considering his ill-considered choice of action. I would also suggest he has learned a mighty lesson. Pursuing this might hammer the point home better, but his buddies could make life rough for quite a while if they chose to. Cops still aren't used to civilians carrying. They better get used to it. That guy with the Para is more likely your ally than your enemy.

  11. +1 on Tam's comment, you retained, and walked away at the end. AND learned something.

  12. Fine manners need the support of fine manners in others.

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