Fast and Furious

I could write a lot about it. But I couldn’t do it justice.

Executive privilege….looks like someone (the WON) is trying to hide something.

Contempt of congress ? I too am guilty of that…daily. Usually before my breakfast cereal is fully wetted with milk. But Holder is gonna get his if the house van get their shit together.

If they (the house) would have acted sooner, they’d have likely been able to to do more to affect the election. It might be too late now…

And it isn’t like they are gonna get Holder or any of the ATF leaders jailed. At best they will get jobs elsewhere in the government bureaucracy. Not even be forced to resign or lose their pensions.

So far, the MSM has done their best to shield the administration, but the veil of secrecy has finally been pierced and they have to acknowledge it.

There is a lot in the blogosphere that is better written and better researched than I could do, so go read them.