That new shooter smile….

I spent the bulk of yesterday helping teach an NRA First Steps shooting course.

The range I belong to charges only for course materials and ammunition, and we had a good turnout.

At the end of the class, after each shooter had used up 200 rounds of .22L.R., I brought out several firearms and 250 rounds or so of assorted .38, 9MM and .45ACP in order to let the class members shoot larger firearms, if they so desired.

They did.

Everyone enjoyed shooting the larger calibers.

At the end of the class, several of the students offered me money for the ammo they had expended.

I replied that the smiles on their faces more than made the cost of the ammo worthwhile.

And it did.
It was worth a Saturday, and a few hours at the reloading bench to see the smiles and the confidence in their faces.

Besides, I owe those folks who started me on that path, who did so for nothing, who donated THEIR time, and THEIR ammo and firearms. Now I know why they did it.

The smiles make it all worthwhile.

3 thoughts on “That new shooter smile….

  1. Yep it does… and you're CONTINUING the tradition! Good on ya!

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