Chasing me away

Not that I intended to vote for Dick Lugar anyway, but the last few days.weeks have made me sure that I don’t want him as my representative to Congress.

A few weeks ago, I received a couple of calls from earnest folks supposedly wanting to solicit my opinion for a poll.

Supposedly…… 6 times they have called, each one a variation of the “poll” thing..

They used this lie to get the time to tell me how “conservative” Dick Lugar is….as if I could not see from his record that just the opposite is true.  The last 2 times, I simply asked….Is this a political call for Dick? And when they said yes, I hung up after requesting that they not call me again..

Apparently, they think all of his voters have the memory of a mouse as well as the intelligence of a gnat.

(that may well be true, as he has been elected 6 times…each time with no opposition to speak of).

 And I am not terribly enamored of his opponent, Mr Mourdock…..But his single winning point that He.  Isn’t.  Dick.  Lugar.

However, today (Sunday), I received a call from an earnest volunteer..(again) a time guaranteed to disturb what little serenity I enjoy.  Again, a call for me to vote for Dick…despite the fact that I have requested (via voice and email) that he and his volunteers stop calling me.. And he tried to keep my attention by deception (again)….I find this offensive..(I am on the Do Not Call list , but isn’t it interesting that the politicians who formed that wonderful, unenforced bit of legislation exempted themselves from it?) This harassment is enough to make me consider taking action that I cannot  describe here, for fear of a visit from the Secret Service or some other agency very angry…angry enough to decide to NEVER vote for him. I actually felt sorry afterwards for yelling into the phone….

All Dick’s campaign is doing is guaranteeing that, should Richard Mourdock drop dead of a heart attack or suffer some other debilitating malady, I will vote for whomever else opposes Dick. (but that was already a foregone conclusion anyway…)

What is interesting is the desperation from his campaign….

(desperation….. linking The Opponent with Obama…Surprised Hitler isn’t in there somewhere)

Perhaps had he ever bothered to find out what his constituents wanted/felt they needed/wished for in legislation, he’d not be in the pickle he is in now. But then again, he hasn’t lived here in like 20+ years.

What we are witnessing is the same sort of desperation we see each time an old-guard politician finds out that once someone can muster up the resources to run against him, the dinosaur loses. He can’t run on his past record, because it doesn’t look very good once it is examined in the light of day….All the power he/she brokers in the Legislative Body which he has been a member of cannot shield him from the wrath of his constituents…no matter what spin is put upon it by his political machine.

Nice try, Dick….But you’ll (hopefully) lose…

Because you are running against a terrible opponent….Yourself.

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  1. Yeah, I'm to the point I don't even ANSWER the home phone anymore… sigh

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