Not good…not good at all.

Seems Romney is cozying up to another east coast big government quasi-Republican guy….

One who can’t run for Mayor again.

Oh, and he is as Anti-Gun as Romney was when he was governor of Massachusetts

Wonder if  they talked about the Vice Presidency?


Link tip: trainwreck

Someone needs to think about taking the entire RNC leadership for a long walk on a short pier…holding lengths of chain.

Still think Romney is the guy?  He’s likely to be worse.

4 thoughts on “Not good…not good at all.

  1. "He's likely to be worse"
    So would newt. Or Santorum. Or Jumbo-legs Clinton. But we cannot know except in retrospect; we cannot know.

  2. Assault weapons ban in his state. Romneycare.

    I could go on, but it appears that you have made your decision.

    Yer right, we don't know. He does however, have a record. Which now Obama does as well. But, by your logic, we really don't know what Obama is going to do either…Maybe he will stop worrying about getting re-elected and pandering to his base and do the right thing…..I doubt it, BUT WE REALLY DON"T know. Just like Romney. All we can do is judge what we think he will do BASED ON HIS PAST ACTIONS.

    You should apply the same logic to both sides of your argument. By your own statements, WE DON"T KNOW what either will do.

  3. If he selects Bloomberg, it will be Johnson in '12 for me.

  4. "
    I could go on, but it appears that you have made your decision.

    Once again, listening to the voices in your head rather than what I actually have to say. I didn't ask what romney has done, never have. I have made it exquisitely clear that we cannot know what he will do.

    I am, and always do, every single time, apply the same logic to both sides of the discussion. if I project, based on past occurrences, what I expect Romney to do in office, and I compare that with what I expect Obama to do in office in another four years, there is zero question Romney is the guy we want, zero. You want to have that conversation? Sure, I'll have it. That's not the conversation I'm trying to have, but not one person will have the conversation I want to have. I expect it's because they know they have the short end of that stick.

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