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  1. That's the power of the vote; you can do what you want, even if its nothing at all.

    I still cant find anyone who will honestly answer the question"What will I fix by not voting? How will not voting make anything better"? I'm not being sarcastic, I'm not being a smartass. If any single person comes to me with a reasonable and well reasoned answer to that question, I won't vote. So far, I'm voting.

  2. I have said it again and again…You ain't listening.

    Choosing not to vote will let the GOP know that their choice of candidate is rejected. You, and I, and every reader here will not make any difference in the loss of the presidency when Obama wins again.

    But rather than vote for a candidate who you find repugnant, as we all did in 2008, which led to more of the same (see also, Mittens Romney), you'll send a message to the GOP that we want a candidate who represents our principles.

    Voting for the loser (again) will not do that.

    Voting in lockstep with the GOP makes you as foolish as voting in lockstep with the DNC. Romney isn't going to be materially better (or worse) than Obama. He's a different flavor of liberal. A different kind of shit.

    Shit is still shit.

    Your vote will not be the one that gets Romney elected. Neither is mine….Ain't gonna happen.

    So why not vote for the rest of the contests and *not* give your support to the RNC? They think that you'll vote however they say.

    How else to make them know and understand that you *DON'T* approve of their candidate…He'd just slightly less bad…

    Answer that, and you have answered yourself.

    Otherwise you are being deliberately obtuse.

  3. No. I mean a real reason founded in logic. Absolutely nothing you have indicated will make one thing better. Not one thing. period, end of question, demonstrably and provably.

    I vote in lockstep with anyone in exactly the way I tithe to the church- you're excellent at making assumptions about things you "Know I do" that I have never done.

    if under any circumstance you think I like Romney or anything he has to say, you are demonstrably not listening to me. if you think I "believe' or hold the opinion that anything that is going on canbe fixed in an election, you are demonstrably not listening to me. If you think that withholding a vote because it "Sends a message" to anyone, know this: They get your message, and they get it loud and clear: "I am fine with the way things are, so do more of that"

    You're concentrating on your feelings about what is going on, and not the facts. I want to know, and nobody can tell me, what will be made better by not voting?

  4. Mr. B, I don't believe that a non-vote even gets noticed by the turds. Maybe, just maybe, a vote for Johnson (or Nader or whoever the hell else)might get noticed. Especially in the dream world where a third party candidate gets enough votes to throw it into the House, or even win.

    Og, I agree with you; not voting at all doesn't make anything better. Voting your conscience is better than either not voting, or sucking it up and voting on party lines.

  5. Me, I don't know either way. I'm willing to be converted. Someone has to show up with something more than "Those guys are mean! I'm taking my vote and leaving" to convert me. Someone has to show me concrete provable evidence that there will be a political, economic, social and societal improvement to be had by not voting. I've never told anyone to vote or not to vote, or for whom to vote; I've expressed my opinions and asked for people with differeing opinions to clearly express the reasons for their opinions, but I never ever get anything but "We have to SHOW THEM!!". About people who, demonstrably, can be shown nothing.

  6. So then, if you think that I am wrong, (and you might be right) then who do you vote for?

    Alternatively, what other action do we take to make our message clear?

    Voting for Obama is an option…but not a palatable one.

    I am open to suggestions.

    But voting for Romney is a waste of time, He will not be any better vis avis the supreme court, or 2nd ammendment, nor smaller government.

    If I am wrong, then , like Og, I want to know what the solution is.

    SO far, all I get in comments is derision, but no alternative.

  7. Oh, and I intend to vote, just not for president.

    Who else (for President) have you in mind? You either vote for the RNC candidate or the DNC candidate.

    the choice is suck or fail.

    I am open to suggestions.

  8. Voting is an INDIVIDUAL right… For better or worse, or not at all. I hope it STAYS that way!!!

  9. "So then, if you think that I am wrong"

    Please, try and keep up. I do not think you're wrong. I have a simple question, and I don't seem to be able to get an answer to it from anyone. I am happy to hear you intend to vote; I do too; but I also understand that the "Message" you send when you make a "Message' vote is this: "I'm bad at math."

    You do not, as far as I can tell, own a time machine, so you have no idea what Romney would do as president, you're basically listening to what you feel, and what other people tell you he will do. Are you absolutely positive that a Romney Presidency will be worse than another Obama term? How are you positive about it? Do you have any proof that you can show me, or is it just your feeling? Why should anyone vote on feelings and not reason? After all, "Feelings" is how we GOT Obama. I don't trust my feelings, I trust facts. I don't see any facts to influence me one way or another, all I hear are feelings. Sure, you can make inferences on past behavior, sure you can apply guilt by association, but can you positively assign worse marks to Romney than to Obama? Are you certain? If you are, I'd sure like to hear it.

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