You have to read this article in order to believe what happened to Pepsi.
Read it, and determine for yourself what happened.
They were, in a word, mugged.

All I can say is  that this is, likely, just the beginning.

3 thoughts on “WTF?

  1. I think that punishing a company for refusing to hire people based on arrest records is wrong, but holding arrest (not conviction) records against people flies in the face of the ideal of "innocent until proven guilty."
    I think that there are other ways of protecting people from arrests that do not result in conviction: The government should not maintain records of arrest that do not result in conviction. After all, if we are truly innocent until proven guilty, and arrest without a conviction should be the same as no arrest at all.

  2. as far as i am concerned companies can choose to hire whomever they will. if pepsi wanted to hire only left-legged dwarfs so be it!

    people can choose to purchase or not purchase their goods as they see fit.

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