everything old is new again…

So I see that Springfield Armory and Smith and Wesson are now both producing firearms that have the following features:

Single stack for thinness to ease concealed carry.
mag capacity of  6 or 7 or so. 

And all this time people have been telling me that I need to get with the times and ditch my 3″ 1911 for something newer and with more magazine capacity.

4 thoughts on “everything old is new again…

  1. And then the .gov doesn't want us to carry to work when they stack the deck against us with known thugs.

  2. I would also point out that now multiple companies are fabricating – and selling like hotcakes – revolvers capable of chambering underpowered and ineffective shotgun rounds.

    That does not necessarily make them a good idea.

    Slim guns have their place, as do "high capacity" bricks.

  3. Agree that slim guns have their place.

    And forearms are "trendy" like other tools.

    But I carry and practice with all 1911 based platforms. The manual of arms is nearly identical for all my firearms. easier for me to keep things straight that way.

    ANd the capacity issue is easily solved by the reload I carry on the other hip. My reload time is faster than most peoples shoot time.

    Were it socially acceptable for me to carry openly throughout my business day, I'd carry something less concealable (a "brick"). But it isn't, so I carry thin and concealable.

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