Today marks the beginning

Of the decision as to whether the United States remains the free country that it’s founders envisioned when they wrote the wonderful document we call “the Constitution”.

Today, the Supreme Court of this land begins the process to determine whether you,and I and our children, and their children who live beyond that shall be free, protected by the Constitution, or shall be slaves to the State. Today the courts begin to hear arguments regarding the abomination we call “ObamaCare”

Today begins the determination as to whether this country does more than just pay lip service to the document which made this country the shining beacon to all those people in the world who wanted a chance to be free….To have self determination…to have a chance to make something for themselves, without the crushing load put upon their shoulders by the ever oppressive those who struggled to make it to our shores, just to have a chance to touch the dream of freedom. Today, marks the beginning of the decision as to what this country shall be.

I do not envy those justices on the Supreme Court Bench. They must, with deliberation, in a few words, write a decision which can fundamentally change the character of this country…and decide whether our country shall continue to exist. To decide whether we will be free men, or slaves of the State. Decide whether this country shall continue to provide hope for the rest of the world, or become a failed State, tossed onto  the trashheap of history….like those of Europe, or the USSR,  like Argentina and others. Failures in their economic policy, and failures to their citizens

Today marks the beginning….either the beginning of the end of our country….or the beginning of a new hope, that this country can recover from the depredations of the Statists, or that we shall follow the other failed states into decline. The decision made in these next few day, or weeks, moths even, will determine the fate of our country and its citizens…and decide the future for millions who live here and the millions more who dare to dream to do so some day.

I fear for today, yet I have hope. We can only hope. Hope for our country, and hope for our fellow citizens….and the future citizens of our country.

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