The closer you get

to the Treyvon/Zimmerman thing…

The more you can smell the stink.

I am beginning to think that, while the original tragedy was just that, a tragedy….that the rest of the outrage was designed to rally the black segment of our citizens around any black leader….and especially Mr. Obama.

He really needs their vote to get re-elected, what with all the steps being taken to limit or eliminate voter fraud….and the fact that even a third of the African-American voters (who rallied so strongly to him in 2008) are likely to vote for someone else, or at least not vote….

Stranger thingz have happened in politics.

HT Pissed

One thought on “The closer you get

  1. In early March, a very young teenage white boy was doused with gasoline and set on fire by two black teenagers with taunts as to "whitey" and his way to/from school.

    Due to their ineptness, and his quick thinking, he suffered no more than painful 1st degree burns. Painful, but not life threatening. But that was NOT their intent. You douse someone with gas and flick a match on them, you expect them to die, horribly.

    But not a word in the media. Our leader is half white, why did he not say "this could be my son?"

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