How to split wood the easy way

 No sweat.

Of course, no cardiovascular exercise either….

8 thoughts on “How to split wood the easy way

  1. He had a bit of trouble with the knotted one but that was impressive. Anyone who ever wonders just how many man hours of labor is contained in a few ounces of fossil fuels just needs to imagine doing all that by hand.

  2. Og: it will, but I'd need an auxiliary hydraulic circuit….ANd I doubt if I have enough HP for that.

    But I DO want. maybe next tractor. Might could make a smaller one to fit on the three point/PTO.

  3. yeah, the 330 has like 85 or 90 hp. What would be hyper cool would be to put your hands on one and make a stationary device.

  4. Looks like what… maybe 1/4 cord every 3 minutes or so? 4 cords an hour say?

    Best case for a man, working with a good set of saw bucks, a log hoist and drag, a chainsaw, and a hydraulic splitter… what, about 4 cords a day?

    Make it two men and it's actually more than twice as fast of course (since you don't have to do everything in series, and each task is a bit easier by itself); but still, that's a lot of man hours of labor replaced in that one gadget.

    They charge about $25k for it… worth every penny.

  5. Oh and Ogg, they have a somewhat lighter duty trailerable model that they sell for $10,500.

    That said… frankly you or I could build one for a lot less. There's nothing hard about the design or fabrication of that machine.

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