Cop, or soldier?

It can be HARD TO TELL.

Via JennifersHead.

Can you do any better?

THe sad fact is that it is harder and harder to tell. Cops are no longer “peace officers”.

Sadly, other than militarized, I am not sure what they are. Some of them are good police officers. Others are something else.

But if you can’t tell the difference in these photos, then you (and we) have problems.

3 thoughts on “Cop, or soldier?

  1. Not completely accurate. Some of those are clearly wrong. I will however agree that it is becoming increasingly alarming, this "militarization" of LEO's. But that site clearly has some bad info.

  2. Which ones are wrong? I highly doubt that all of them are.

    You should see the county where I work. They could literally be in any of those, they have some nice hardware to play with.

    And I especially love the guys who wear their Baclavas in the daytime, so that their white faces won't show in the dark…….

    Seriously, why do they need the armored cars, or the full auto weapons, or the grenade launchers?

    They just get freebies for the asking from the military. SO they get neat new toys and some funds to play with them.

  3. The dude manning the pintle-mounted LMG atop the desert-tan HMMWV wasn't a cop, but that's the only one I'm completely confident was incorrect.

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