Midwest Chick and I spend a fair bit of time shopping this weekend. some high end stores, some low end stores, and most somewhere in between.

While I am all for saving a buck or two, I noticed something:

Wal-Mart and Menards had much less well behaved customers. Same with the cheaper grocery stores.

The stores that were one step higher in price had a much better class of people shopping there. By better class, I mean behavior wise. Same town, same demographic (or so it appeared), but a much higher level of social interaction quality. 

Quite simply, they behaved better. More like people and less like animals.

It may well be worth it for me to pay the slightly higher prices and shop where the lowest common denominator doesn’t.

It’ll be good for my blood pressure

2 thoughts on “Class

  1. I still do walmart and Maynards. I just go there when nobody else is there.

    Partner has another solution. He does without whatever they sell that he wants.

  2. Go there when they first open up; normally the people who have behavior problems were out late the night before, doing what they do best!

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