You really should probably call your senator

and tell him not just “no”


Seriously. GO HERE. Read. Follow the links (they are legit, I already followed ’em). But go see for yourself. Don’t believe me. Seriously. Take the time to research this. It is important.

The “National Defense Bill” Bill number S. 1867. Take the time to learn about it.

Please  understand that the Udall amendment is a nice try, but really won’t do it. Better to start over with a bill that leaves no doors open for misuse.

Then call your senators. Tell em “no”. (If you aren’t sure who your senator is, or how to contact them, I have a handy link at the top of my sidebar, or you can just go HERE to find out.)

And then clean yer heater. Practice with it too. ‘Cause if this passes, someday yer likely gonna need it. 

Better to die on your feet than live on your knees.  

And if this passes, then they have the power to make you choose. 

Which way will you choose?

I know which way I will.  

HT Broken Patriot

(BP loads slowly but is worth it for the good info to be found there. I just wish that they’d fix whatever causes the slow load…likely an advertiser)

One thought on “You really should probably call your senator

  1. Good point, and I've already called and sent emails (for all the good they will do); hell, maybe I'll end up on yet ANOTHER list…

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