DB Cooper


4 decades ago he jumped out of the back of a 727 with $200,000.

and disappeared.

no one knows, for sure, what happened after that.

His caper has completely stumped the FBI, to this day (not that they had their “A” team on the case, it appears (The behavior of the feebles is much like my experience with them, fumbling at best) and there are may issues with their investigation.

Some of his money was found years later. But no one knows if it was buried or washed downstream…and if so, from where. There is a lot of empty (and desolate)spaces in that area, and so far, no one has found any more money….or him. If they did, then they haven’t spent it either…. as no other bills with the serial numbers from the money given to Cooper have ever been used, as far as anyone knows.

The fact remains that no one knows for sure, and no one has ever been caught.  

(I meant to post this on the 24th, but got caught up in the festivities and forgot)