Yep, it’s 3 AM….

Betcha that Hillary takes the hook, and decides to run. She’ll do it not because she wants the power (or the responsibility), but “because she cannot in good conscience accept that Barack Obama will do more of what he has for the country”, or words to that effect….”We have to give the people a valid choice for president, and Barack Obama is not it” and she’ll do it because “If I don’t run, then the country will elect a Republican president”.

Betcha. Not that she could be much worse than Mittens Romney. She might, in fact, be less of a socialist than he is.

The left has come to the conclusion that The Won will lose against the south end of a northbound mule….They will need someone else to run, or they lose power. And their agenda will be damaged, or even regressed.


4 thoughts on “Yep, it’s 3 AM….

  1. I think Hill Bish would be worse for men overall and go even crazier with the affirmative action/ gender hand outs than Obummer. She may even pull a stunt like her hubby and try another firearm ban. Then again if Obummer wins a second round he may just go insane with the liberal-progressive attacks as well.

    If she is gonna do it she better jump fast and I hope she doesn't she may in fact bring some wayward independents back to the dems just to give her a try.

  2. If she is elected then she will, at least, have to be restrained in her ambitions until her (hopefully not) second term. O scares me greatly, as in his second term he will have no restraint on his ambitions to fundamentally damage the US….

  3. Don't fool yourself — the Hildabeast is far, far left of her Husband. Much of what The Obama has advocated she was in support as well — like healthcare. As long as the far-left Democrats are in Congress, nothing is safe.

    If Romney is the best the Republicans have to offer, it is time for a third party.

  4. Interesting thought…
    I've long contemplated Jeb Bush popping up at the last minute for the Republicans.

    Hillary vs Shrub III…

    Grab your popcorn, folks.
    Act II's about ready to start.

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