Makes you wonder

While this may be technically illegal, the catch was, nonetheless, not done in an illegal manner….It’s not like the guy was trying to hide anything.

And the guy had been purchasing tuna permits for years, just in case this happened. If nothing else, then the Feds committed fraud by accepting his money for the permits, knowing that he couldn’t use them.

More likely they wanted the half million dollars or so he would havegotten from the sale of the tuna.

It is things like this which make me think about revolution….and other things.

One day soon, I envision a day when people will be fearful to be known to work for the federal government. And if found out, they’ll move because of fear for their families and their safety… And it’ll be because of a string of actions like this one. The anger is there, like a keg of powder….What (or who) will be the spark?