Standing firm

Seems that some NASCAR drivers have the courage of conviction. I am impressed with them greatly.

“schedule conflicts” indeed.  It is not like the oval office can command attendance.

A very good way to snub, yet still respect the office. I stopped watching NASCAR a year or so ago, but I still liked the sport. My hat is off to those who had the courage of conviction to stay away and sent, instead, their regrets.

After all, this is the excuse Mr. Obama has used when he feels that he does not want to attend a ceremony honoring our military men and women, or our dead.

It’s better than “fuck you, Mr. President”. 

1 thought on “Standing firm

  1. I'm a major Tony Stewart fan. About two months ago I had the pleasure of sitting with him for a couple of hours. He is a great person to hang around with. Honest, and says what he means.

    He may not let on that this was anything other than a scheduling conflict, but I would guess he prefers better company.

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