A better idea

(not that it would be hard to do better than Mr. O’s ideas on how to screw the taxpayers fix the economy by adding jobs).

The fact is that despite all of his stimuli, his green jobs initiative (which has led to losses with nothing to show for it and few if any jobs, none of them permanent) and his other economy boosing dreams, there is nothing that he has that really works.

We have legacies all across this county of something that DOES work. The CCC. National parks, state parks, zoos, beaches, etc. all built (and built to last) by civilians who needed work. And those folks built well, and sent their money home to their families and those family members spent that money…which gave someone else a job. From whose wages taxes were generated. And yet, rather than nothing, we have something which has lasted to this day.

Of course, those who complain the loudest are the entitlement class, who would never work such a menial job anyway.

But I bet that a significant number of skilled tradesmen would, if only to feed and house their families, or to keep their homes from repossession.  Those on welfare, or unemployment, not so much. (but that is what you get for rewarding people who don’t work….and 2 years to not work? really?)

But rather than let contracts to the “rich”…the “fat cats”  to provide jobs we could cut out the middleman and let the government rip us off directly…..

3 thoughts on “A better idea

  1. I agree they really need to demand that those receiving long term aid do some work in return.

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