Why the debt issue keeps growing:

Here is one example:

Lets face it. Ethanol from corn (for fuel) is a piss poor idea, It is at best (depending on how you figure it…) energy neutral (it takes as much energy to produce a gallon of ethanol as you get out of it when you burn it)….The feedstock takes the place of actual, you know, food producing plants.

And it is unworkable without federal subsidies. In other words, we pay these folks to make ethanol…$0.50 per gallon…that no one really wants to buy, and that is a net energy drain. All because some fools believe in Glowbal Warmening or something. It doesn’t cause a decrease in smog or other pollution (it may actually increase smog).

So why? More of those “special interests” and “millionaires” that Obama and his pet senators say they want to tax more…..

And they are paying these people for a product that doesn’t decrease our energy needs one iota, who to few people want, whose use they MANDATE….With you and my money! Money we really don’t have. Money that we are borrowing from the Chinese.

No wonder the markets are down. We can’t even get rid of payments to a boondoggle. Admittedly a small amount of money, when you start thinking about the deficit, but it would have been a good start.

Notice that the vote to keep the subsidies was mostly Democratic…

2 thoughts on “Why the debt issue keeps growing:

  1. One of the dim bulb state reps here in Iowa wanted to pass a mandate that all gas stations and convenient stores sell ethanol. I asked if he was going to force kosher restaurants to sell pork as well.

    He replied that was a stupid suggestion, to which I pointed out it was the same stupid idea that he had with ethanol. His comeback was, "no it isn't".

    Good God, this is the best we can do?

    As someone who is reentering agriculture, I will never accept a dime in subsidies. With one hand the government gives, while the other hand holds the club to beat you into submission.

  2. We're surrounded by the stupid.

    It means we have them right where they want us.

    I have been having the most trouble trying to get a comment here.

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