Poverty (more on the deficit issues)

I’ve written about “poverty” here is the US. Now (to channel the Won) “let me be clear:”

There is indeed poverty in the US. But what most people would consider “poverty” elsewhere in the world, and what the government considers “Poverty” here is the US are magnitudes apart….

Data from the Department of Energy and other agencies show that the average poor family, as defined by Census officials:  Lives in a home that is in good repair, not crowded, and equipped with air conditioning, clothes washer and dryer, and cable or satellite TV service.Prepares meals in a kitchen with a refrigerator, coffee maker and microwave as well as oven and stove.Enjoys two color TVs, a DVD player, VCR and — if children are there — an Xbox, PlayStation, or other video game system.Had enough money in the past year to meet essential needs, including adequate food and medical care.(follow the link, learn more!)

The fact is that most people in the US who live is “poverty” live better than nearly everyone else in the world, including middle-class Europeans. They have bigger homes, more toys, better transportation, and nicer appliances.

And again, we are borrowing money from the future in order to help these folks…..

Now I have no issues with feeding the truly starving, no housing the truly homeless.

But there are actually very few of those in the US.

And I think that if you take ONE DIME of assistance, you should be able to test clean for drugs. Else you get nothing. And you should be tested at least yearly.

But than again, I am cruel and heartless.

3 thoughts on “Poverty (more on the deficit issues)

  1. I do not know why I have such issues posting here. I'll try again:

  2. OK, that worked. I wonder what was hosed up?

    Anyway, as I was trying to say, there's a LOT that is good and decent about helping the less fortunate, and all decent people I know do so, in one way or another.

    it is the height of evil to force someone to do so with the power of the fedgov

  3. Amen, brother. If you wish to donate your hard earned money to a charity, or give it to another, that is your choice.

    But when I take it from you, and you have (essentially) no choice, then it is theft, pure and simple.

    Especially when it is used to provide for an existence that most folks in the world would consider luxurious.

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