Told ya you should have been there

Blogmeet. Wow. First the drive to Indy ….where we discussed the various feelings and reactions (and sounds made during and after) to being tazed (both Og and I have had the experience ) and other variously strange topics…(some of which had Midwest Chick laughing so hard I worried about her breathing)…then the Indy1500 gun show (I spent way too much money) and then:

Drumroll please..

The blogmeet was well attended. We just kept adding tables and staring at the other people in the room until they gulped down their food and left and occupied tables as soon as their occupants were finished until we had an entire room at the brewpub to ourselves….

In attendance were, in no particular order (and if I have forgotten anyone it was because it was indeed a madhouse) Rich, Roberta, TamOld NFO and Dave L. (Cancer Ward), Og, and Partner (who drove us),  Midwest Chick (she won’t let me attend a blogmeet without her!), Bayou Renaissance Man and his lovely wife Miss D. , Shermlock Shomes and his talented wife,   Push the Pull DoorThe Jack, Old Grouch, Mad Saint Jack.. I think that there were more but I might have missed ’em….

Converssation ranged far and wide and up and down and everywhere in between. (apparently Og has hunted raccoons with full auto tracer loaded AK’s…or something?  You just had to be there to appreciate the whole spectacle….

You should attend the next one. Good food, good people, wild, witty and strange interesting conversation, and, of course, all the bloggers from out of town.

Why weren’t you there?

 Oh, and happy blogoversary, Tam!

2 thoughts on “Told ya you should have been there

  1. Pleasure to meet you Sir! And that was truly fun!!! Hopefully I can make another one in the future!

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