so I gotta wonder…

Do those folks in New York and Baston think that we folks who prep (you know, for blizzards and ice storms and tornado aftermath and all that) are crazy still think that today, as a hurricane bears down on them? Do they think that as they hurry to stock for food and water and hope that there is enough for them? As they plan on power being out for days or weeks….and no way out of the city for a while?

And do they (still) think we are crazy to want to live in “flyover country” where the risk of a hurricane is infitesimal?

I mean, other than boarding up my windows (and I actually have enough plywood and deck screws on hand to do so) I am prepped for a hurricane. Generator, food, water, battery powered lights, fuel, cooking, I got all that….everyday.

If you’re prepared for the zombie apocalypse, a hurricane is just a storm…

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