So there is a deal

of sorts in the “debt crisis”.  More or less, the Right caved. They did keep from raising taxes, it seems, and yet they got cuts that take effect AFTER the elections (or so reports at this stage are saying).

Fuck ’em. They negotiated everything away to the socialist Statist leftist Won “One”.

Yeah, they’ve slowed the increase in the deficit spending. So what?

Think of it this way…..You are falling from the Empire state building….you WERE falling at the rate of 20 floors per second…..Then you feel a uplififting wind….. Now your rate of descent is only 10 floors per second….Has your situation improved?

That is the state of our economy with this new “deal”.We re gonna end up like Greece, writ large.

I would never say that the legislators of this country should be stood up against a wall and shot….I don’t want to become the focus of an investigation by the Secret Service….So I won’t say it.