I am disgusted

By the posturing and bullshit that is being reported on (and apparently encouraged by) the press. The new meme: all the people they choose to show (“regular citizens”, and “random samples” from the Midwest…the “heart of Amerika”) are “glad for the compromise” and “relieved” and “tired of the wrangling”. Most were from middle sized cities and most were, unsurprisingly, women….

And we are letting the press push the agenda.

I really don’t care for the political theater. I only want to see our country not be broke. (and by broke, I mean not having additional credit, but rather actually able to meet it’s bills).

This bill is none of those things. it’s like a CANCER. And, BTW, part of the money comes from the expected end of the”Bush Tax Cuts”….Yep, they expect higher taxes to bring part of the debt under control.

I’d have rather seen the country “shut down”. Make real decisions. Make real choices. There would have been no need for default, but they could have stopped spending so much..We would not have been forced to leave our Social Security recipients on an ice floe…..

Instead, we get political theater, and at best punt the issue into the future…..So that the WON and his ilk can continue to whine about “fair share” and “sharing the burden” and all that other folderol.

Again, I won’t suggest anything like violence, because I really don’t want to have the visit from the Gestapo Secret Service….So I won’t suggest that we get our pitchforks, and torches and rifles and such.

But I can think about it….You should, perhaps, as well.