Product review

I bought this a couple of months ago. (and, for the FTC folks, paid my own money for it, and have received nothing for this review)

I heartily endorse this product. It has allowed me to perfect my point shooting , my fast draw from a holster, and has allowed me to improve my trigger squeeze at a very low cost (the batteries are the only expense after the initial cost.  Laserlyte has a good thing here. It works. I have one in “Gods own Caliber” and I love it.

You get all the advantages of “dry firing” without all the criticism from your friends about dry firing….(does dry firing harm the firing pin? I dunno. Folks smarter than me variously claim that it does (and doesn’t)… it’s like arguing  “Ginger, or MaryAnne?” everyone has an unshakeable opinion. But I’d rather not find out if it will harm my pistol, so I always use a snap cap anyway)

This little device works well. It is like a cartridge without the rim.  It blocks the chamber so you KNOW that there is not a real load in there, and yet you can cycle the slide all day and it won’t move.

When you pull the trigger and the hammer drops, a laser lights for 1/10th of a second. More than enough time for you to see the “impact point”. You can cock the hammer (if you are shooting a 1911) or other exposed hammer firearm, or cycle the slide if you are shooting an abomination Glock or other striker fired firearm.

Either way, you can practice your trigger squeeze at home, making your range time (and ammo budget) more productive. I reload, and therefore my cost for practice ammo is fairly low, yet this has more than paid for itself in the past few months. It also allows me to practice without having to pack up a range bag and actually drive the 3 miles or so to my range….But seriously, you can get 5 or 10 minutes of practice in at any time, at home, without having to do a range trip, or to have to clean a firearm afterward. And you can return your pistol to service just by locking the slide open and poking the laser assembly out from the muzzle with a cleaning rod or pencil.

Will it replace range time? NOPE. But it will give you a reasonable training alternative. And it will give you point shooting practice at home. And it will make your range time more productive.

I’m gonna order another one in 9mm. Wish that they made one in .380 too.

Your mileage, of course, may vary.