The moral of the story is:


(Shoot, Shovel and Shut up).


The government is NOT your friend.

The smart thing to do is not to tell ’em anything.

Details HERE.

While it takes a long time to dig a hole big enough for a grizzly sow, it’s easier and better than dealing with the feds.

Remember, the folks who make the rules think that all wildlife is cute and friendly and talks with a southern Iowa accent…..Just like in the cartoons.
They have no idea as to the potential savagery or ruthlessness of a wild animal. And the Animal’s welfare is more important to them than yours. You, after all, are neither cute, nor fuzzy, nor “endangered”. You are, however, a tasty snack for the bear….

One thought on “The moral of the story is:

  1. Yep, that's a lot of shoveling for a grizzly.

    The problem with a southern Iowa accent is that it sounds like they're from Missouri.

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