Product review

On a whim, we bought some of the Off Clip-On mosquito repellent devices.

I gotta say that they work. And work Really Really Well.

We have mosquitoes the size of small birds, and in numbers that make the Mongol Hordes seem to be sparse. .

And they are HUNGRY. Very. Very. Hungry. They attack as soon as you step out the door, and they feed until you feel faint. Seriously. I turned white last week. Thought I was gonna need a transfusion…..And they hurt. A lot.

It makes working outdoors difficult. Painful. And to do any exacting work requires smelly bug repellent.

Until today, I was resigned to having to live smelling like bug repellent.

I really really like this new device. Clip it to your belt. Turn it on. Give it a few minutes (like 2), and it works!

It isn’t perfect. If you move around a lot, or move too quickly, you can move away from the cloud of repellent.

But working in the yard, I got zero bites. It’ll be great if you are sitting around barbecuing or shooting the breeze…Drinking beer with friends.

I doubt if it’ll work well in a strong breeze.

Having said that, I would recommend that you purchase this product.

It’s better than the spray, and it WORKS!. And when you no longer need it, you can turn it off. And you don’t have that “outdoorsy” smell afterwards.

FTC disclaimer: I got nothing for this endorsement….Nothing. I paid for the items myself. So go pound sand.

But I like ’em.

You will too.

Worth the money.

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  1. We have 'em too. The 'Strong breeze" works by itself to keep mosquitoes away, they're horrible at flight. So when its breezy, the skeeters get blown away, and when it's not, the clup on thing works pretty good. Pity it says china on it, or it'd be a great candidate.

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