Dads day

Once again, it is Fathers day. (and my Dads birthday).

My father taught me much. Many times he was working way too hard to put food on the table and clothes on my back, and to provide shelter. Much of the time when I was growing up, he wasn’t there when I wished he could have been.

I didn’t appreciate the sacrifices he made bu not being there in order to provide for me.

But the times he was there, he taught me many things. Many of the lessons I didn’t even know I had learned until later in life.

Likely, I will never be father. Never have the opportunities to pass those lessons on to a son of the same name (he’s a junior, I’m a third). I am sure that he is disappointed by that.
But I do my best every day to be an example of what he taught me to be. He and his father as well.

He is (and, in the case of my grandfather, were) mighty men. Men of character, and resolve, and hidden strengths. And I am but a shadow of them. I will find it hard to surpass them (or even match them) in deeds or strength or resolve. I live a better life because of the help my father gave me and the foundation he laid during those too few times when we were together during my formative years.

Thanks, Dad, for being my father. Hope I can match your example when I am your age. I am often amazed how wise you become, the older and more experienced I get.

I love you.