Another excellent day

This makes 2 in a row. Likely a new record for the year, as lately the days where it doesn’t suck have been few and far between.

But I have been blessed with 2 in a row. Both different, yet both calming to the soul.

The first was yesterday, a morning at the range. While a bad day at the range beats a good day at work anytime, yesterday was excellent.

Today, I go to get up early and road trip with my father and brother to pick up my Dads newly painted and restored Cadillac. A ’26.

But picking up the car was only a part of the trip. The best part was the journey. My brother drove my truck, pulling my Dads trailer. And for 3 hours we had time to enjoy each others presence, and discuss things as equals and friends…And that made the trip worthwhile.

The car is work of art.  Still work to be done, and a lot of parts to be found but as you can see in the pictures below, it is a thing of beauty already.

Still, picking up the car was only an added bonus to spending the day with my brother and father.

3 thoughts on “Another excellent day

  1. Enjoy every opportunity you have to spend time with them…

  2. Very, very cool. Look forward to seeing it in person someday, maybe.

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