No wonder NASA can’t get anything done. They waste too much money.

Not only are they GIVING away Space Shuttles, they are spending significant dollars decommissioning them so that they can safely be used as a draw for tourists in major metro areas. Why is NASA spending the money, and why are they giving them away? They aughta be auctioned off to the highest bidder, be that a private individual or a municipality. Big bux to be made there. The caveat to the purchase would of course be that the buyer, not the seller, pay for the decommissioning and decontamination so that the public can be safe while viewing/climbing on/photographing them.

Go HERE to learn even more….The SRB’s  (Solid Rocket Boosters) get transported back to Utah and REFURBISHED before storage, just in case we ever need them again (4, 17). AFAIK, they were designed for, and used only on, the Shuttle. Why refurb and store these when they can only be used on a platform which is being decommissioned?  Anyone….Bueller?  (one hint….Smells like Bacon/rhymes with “fork”)

Billions of dollars of hardware given away, and millions more to make them safe for public consumption. Why? Political connections? Favors? Cronyism?

It’s easy to give away things purchased with other peoples money

5 thoughts on “Waste:

  1. I'm horrified at how NASA has been treated. It is like no one can see the dream of space.

  2. But just think, North, of all the good will we've made with the Muslims. Obummer had NASA working that angle a few months back. Surely that's just as noble a goal as space travel. Right?

  3. Space travel will be unnecessary in a future full only of Jihad.

  4. Most things in life will be unnecessary in that type of future.

  5. It is not the failure to see the dream of space, but rather the inability to do anything without endless meetings, committees and review. Basically and inability to get anything done, yet at the expense of thousands and thousands of man hours and billions and billions of dollars.

    The spirit of those who put a man on the moon seems to be gone.

    Add in the fact that they appear to be puppets to the politicians, and you end up with something that is less than worthy of respect anymore.

    I find that sad.

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