I was….

Gonna go to the range and try out my new rifle yesterday. I had planned this day, based on weather reports. A rare thing…..A day off in the middle of the week, when the range is less crowded….

But when I woke up feeling like I had been in a bar fight (I don’t mind feeling this way, I just prefer to drink enough to be hung over and remember why the fight started….Except that I haven’t been in a bar in weeks) running a fever and all that, I wasn’t too sure that I wanted to go…..Chills, fever, runny nose and the shakes weren’t gonna make for the best day at the range.

But after a shower, I wasn’t nearly as shaky, so I thought that I’d give it a try, even if it meant that I might not be able to really find out how well the new rifle would shoot. So I loaded the rifle, the range bag, the benchrest  and a whole shitload of .223 (Lake City) (it goes stale you know….you might as well shoot it before it goes bad….) into the car and began the journey to the DNR range, about 35 minutes away.

Less than halfway there, I realized that I was sick enough that I should not be driving a car, much less handling and firing a lethal weapon. So I turned around and went home. Unloaded the car and went into the house and crawled back into bed.

Bummer. It is supposed to be rainy and windy for the next week. I’ll likely not get to the range for at least another 2 weeks.And that is if the weather cooperates with me on my days off.

Hope the Lake City doesn’t go stale in the meantime…..