As several folks have pointed out, Mr Obama wants us all to stop wasting our time and get to work on the serious things, rather than continue to discuss the reality  of the circumstances of his birthplace and subsequent eligibility  (or not?) for his present position.

The sad part about that is that shortly after making his statement, he then left for Chicago, ostensibly to tape an episode of Oprah. Now while I am sure that to him this is a Very Important Thing, it really has little to do with his running the country, nor will anything said on Oprah do much to fix the assorted crisis that we find our country in at this time.

Having said that, I would ask…..Who pays for the trip to Chicago? Oprah? Mr. Obama himself? Or is it we, the taxpaying citizens of this country? In no way as far as I can see, does his appearance on Oprah do anything for the running of this country, and produces little (except ratings ( and therefore revenue) for Ms Winfrey). If we the taxpayers are paying for this trip, then we have to ask ourselves WHY? Why are we paying for the transportation to what is essentially a campaign stop for Obama 2012? How much did this little jaunt cost?

And just to be mean, let us ask ourselves why he burned all that expensive aviation kerosene and placed all that carbon into the atmosphere.

Other than just because he can get away with it, I mean…..