It it really real:

Warning: Tinfoil hat time…….

So after a great deal of pressure from The Donald. The white house released THIS.

It appears to be, on the surface, a long form Birth Certificate….Likely from a microfilm backup copy.

And perhaps it is. I am not enough of a document expert to know for sure….

I do have some questions:

Why add the background? The green textured background was obviously added to the image. (notice that it is behind the “roll” as well). To make it look more “Authentic”? The green background is obviously not a part of the document. One would think that to make the question go away, they would have shown the original document in its original form, with no “enhancements”….If only so that the folks on the internet could more easily vet it with no questions asked. (If it is indeed real and not an altered document). I’d likely have been less sceptical had they shown the document as it exists, without the “enhancement”.

If you can add the background, then one would wonder what other manipulations could have been done…

And one would wonder why this has been issued NOW? I mean, really, the question has been around since the start of the campaign. The ORIGINAL question was, IIRC, raised by his opponent, before the primaries….by the campaign to elect Hillary Rhodman Clinton, not by the RNC (and certainly not by the press). It was only when The Donald began making a stink about it, and the press finally took notice of that, that the question grew enough legs to make this happen. Really, if this “document” existed all this time, then why did the Obama campaign decide to release this “proof”? And why spend all the money (IIRC, something approaching 3 million relatively worthless dollars to suppress any suits demanding that the proof be shown, if it existed all along?

Fathers race: African? I would have thought they would have put “Negro” or “Black”,  Especially in 1961….Mother is “Caucasian”….why the inconsistency?

As I said…I don’t know enough about the document in question, nor do I have any reason to disbelieve that it is real….But I have no reason to believe that it IS real either. There is just enough to make me wonder.

Perhaps it is all a ploy, to keep the “birthers” wondering and vocal, in order to further cement the base of loyalists. As I don’t play in that arena, I really cannot make a decision.

And ultimately, it really doesn’t matter, in the short term. He was legally sworn in as President. For the future? Who knows?

I continue to have my doubts.

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  1. Regardless, the Democratic Party is still brainless and the GOP is still spineless.

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