It would seem that I am not the only one

Who sees a sinister motive to the actions of the “O”ne. 

We see the intended destruction of the U.S. . The destruction of a Republic which was once the economic engine of the world……Whose promise of freedom and opportunity was once a beacon to many  from every other country on this blue globe.

Paranoid? Yes. Perhaps we are. But then again, are we paranoid if there is really someone out to destroy our country? When we see the actions of an individual, aided and abetted by a media with double standards, cheered by a group whose only aim is the devastation of our way of life?

Destruction of our economy….devastation of the dollar….incredible expansion of our State…..Overwhelming deficit…. expansion of entitlements…..

Perhaps the veil is being lifted on the actions of Mr. Obama and his advisors….we already know the aims of his mentors.

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H/T: Pissed